Expert Alexander Matyushin: Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing a large-scale attack with the help of a huge number of tanks

FBA “Economy Today”

Senior Lieutenant of the People’s Militia of the DPR, retired Alexander Matyushin spoke about possible further actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the border zone with Ukraine.

At the moment, it is impossible to say exactly what Ukraine will do tomorrow, as something new appears regularly. However, it can be assumed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may attempt to invade the territory of Russia with the help of heavy equipment, for example, tanks and armored personnel carriers in large numbers. This has already been noticed by the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but in a small amount, but now a large-scale operation is being prepared, leads words by Matyushin URA.RU.

Formerly politician Vladimir Rogov announced that Kyiv was concentrating its troops on the Zaporozhye direction in order to carry out an operation to destroy the land corridor to the Crimea.


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