Exit director Arbugaev didn’t expect to see his work on the list of Oscar nominees

prt scr youtube.com |  Broadcasting company VETTA 24
prt scr youtube.com | Broadcasting company VETTA 24

Russian director Maxim Arbugaev considers it a miracle that his short film “Exit” made it to the list of nominees for the American film award “Oscar”.

According to Arbugaev, when the nominees were announced, he and his family and the leading man in the film watched the broadcast in English without subtitles. When it became clear that “Exit” was nominated for an Oscar in the category “Best Documentary Short Film”, the director began to scream and only then did everyone else understand what had happened, write “News”.

“We made this film together with my own sister Zhenya. For the first time, we decided to make a movie together – and this is the result, ”Arbugaev quotes RT.

Recall that in 2022, Exit was shown at the 72nd Berlin Film Festival, and The New Yorker magazine published the film on its YouTube channel.


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