Existence in acute danger: East German entrepreneurs are demanding the end of sanctions against Russia


Several heads of medium-sized companies have written an open letter to the federal government because they are deeply concerned about the economic policy taken by the “traffic light” coalition. Among other things, they demand energy security.

In an open letter to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, several medium-sized entrepreneurs are calling for the sanctions against Russia to be lifted in order to ensure energy security, as the economy is already severely affected and is in danger in the longer term.

According to the open letter signed by twelve entrepreneurs, the federal government must now “readjust the embargo policy against Russia.”

A reaction always provokes a counter-reaction – and while the aim was to hit Putin, the sanctions now threaten to ruin Germany’s middle class.

It will not work “to stop all gas deliveries and to confront the German economy with price increases at which nobody can produce at a profit anymore,” explains Martin Bergner, spokesman for the board of directors of the central consumer cooperative – the central cooperative of the East German consumer cooperatives, cooperatives of other sectors and companies in other legal forms.

"Great Industrial Awakening"?  Scholz announces German energy transition thanks to renewable energies

“Great Industrial Awakening”? Scholz announces German energy transition thanks to renewable energies

The continued existence of the group with a turnover of 700 million euros and 6,280 employees is in acute danger. The letter goes on to say that years of growth and investment, including in environmental and climate protection, are being taken ad absurdum with the current policy.

Bergner further emphasizes that MDRthat gas imports must be secured in order to keep the economy running: “The gas is the same whether it comes from Nord Stream 1 or 2.”

For energy security, existing coal and nuclear power plants would also have to be used.

Andreas Bosse, managing director of the Landbäckerei Stendal, board member of the central consumer cooperative and one of the signers of the fire letter, refers to the enormous price increases that are causing problems for the companies in the foreseeable future. The country bakery had to reckon with four times the electricity and six times the gas costs. In addition, there would be the gas surcharge and the increase in the minimum wage from autumn.

“Our politicians have sworn to do everything for the good of the people. Then we must be able to expect that they will now make their previous decisions more moderate because the situation is different,” says Andreas Bosse.

Rising natural gas prices hit the German chemical industry

Rising natural gas prices hit the German chemical industry

Since the additional costs would have to be reflected in product prices, this would further fuel inflation. This year you write red numbers.

In the letter, the signatories list various areas in which changes must be made to prevent the economy from collapsing. For example, the “traffic light” coalition is setting the wrong accents in the area of ​​the shortage of skilled workers by relaxing requirements outside of the labor market for people who are able to work. The increased price sensitivity due to the rise in inflation will not only intensify the increasing migration to discounters.

“The government wants to promote regional and organic products. But it is precisely these products that buyers first avoid in order to save money,” explains Martin Bergner.

Energy savings are no longer possible at all because consumption has already been reduced as far as possible and a number of measures such as combined heat and power plants have been implemented.

Bergner adds opposite RT DEthat the entrepreneurs want to draw attention to the difficult economic situation of the backbone of society, the middle class, with the open letter. Because it is these companies and their employees who finance the tax revenues and create jobs.

The signatories are surprised that the companies themselves are now supposed to propose new solutions and offer alternatives to the sanctions imposed by the government. Because that is precisely the task of these politicians.

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