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Exclusive Interview: Jitin Prasada said, ‘I was impressed by the party leadership and joined BJP, it was not a sudden decision’

Jitin Prasad, who came to BJP from Congress said that we have been with Congress for three generations. This is not a sudden decision. After thinking for a long time, I have chosen this path.


  • Jitin Prasada, who joined BJP, said – After much thought, this decision was taken
  • I am lucky to be a part of world’s biggest political party: Jitin
  • Jitin answers many questions about leaving Congress and joining BJP

Jitin Prasad, who did active politics in the Congress party for more than two decades, has now become a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Jitin became a part of the party at the BJP’s Deendayal Marg headquarters on Wednesday afternoon amid all the discussions of political prospects in Delhi.

After subscribing, Jitin wrote to our associate newspaper times of India Had a special conversation with In this interview, Jitin gave all the reasons due to which he left the hand of Congress. Jitin also told how he will fit in BJP in the future.

Question: Priyanka Gandhi and her allies claim that Congress is again on the path of revival in UP. Even in such condition you left the party.
answer: We choose politics and party to fulfill the aspirations of the people and our people. I was not able to do this work in Congress. Today I consider myself lucky that I have got a chance to be a part of the biggest political party in the world. The sole purpose of politics is to serve the people. For a long time I felt that I was not able to do this work. I don’t want to get into the debate whether Congress is reviving in UP or not. I have joined BJP so that I can work wholeheartedly for this party.

MLA Aditi Singh said- ‘Congress is becoming a family party, Jitin’s future is bright in BJP’

Question: Will you be able to mold yourself into a party of the opposite ideology?
answer: A politician has only one ideology, that is to look after the interest of the people of the country, state, district or his area. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is serving the nation selflessly on the policy of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas’. There can be no better ideology than this, if a party talks about New India and works for the development of all.

It was while contesting the Lok Sabha elections that I realized that public support is very broad with BJP. Not only in Uttar Pradesh, PM Modi is popular all over the country. BJP is the only national party of the country. This is not only because of their reach, but also because of the composition of the organisation. BJP is the only party which is like a whole institution and where nothing is based on one person.
Jitin Prasada during the interview

Question: AAP had raised questions on the claim of secular image of BJP many times in the past?
answer: As an opposition leader, we have to raise questions on the government and the party in power. But BJP gave a positive answer to every question raised. At the same time, the policies made by the government had the concept of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat at the core, which meant that everyone should have equal development.

Question: Do you think BJP will project you as its new Brahmin face in the state?
Answer: I don’t think BJP’s leadership in the country is decided on caste based parameters, so you should reformulate your question. As far as responsibility is concerned, it is up to the party how it uses me. Impressed by the party leadership, I have joined BJP and my only aim is to serve the people.

Jitin Prasada, close to Rahul, left ‘Hand’, joined BJP

Question: What happened suddenly that AAP left Congress?
answer: I said earlier also that our family has been a part of Congress party for 3 generations. In such a situation, such a decision cannot be taken suddenly. I took this decision only after thinking for a long time. It is of course that for a long time this was in my mind that I am not able to do for my people what is necessary for them.

Question: Have you also met CM Yogi?
answer: I have just met PM Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and party president JP Nadda ji. I will soon go to more top party leaders to seek their blessings.

Jitin Prasada joins BJP after leaving Congress

Jitin Prasada joins BJP after leaving Congress


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