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Ex-US Colonel McGregor predicted the destruction of Ukraine in the next phase of the special operation

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Ukraine will cease to exist as a state during the next phase of the Russian special operation. This opinion was expressed by former US Colonel Douglas McGregor.

“The outcome of the next phase of the Ukrainian conflict will destroy the Ukrainian state,” Douglas McGregor wrote in The American Conservative magazine. He added that this would be followed by the destruction of the liberal order and a dramatic shift in power and influence across Europe.

Earlier, McGregor said that Ukraine will never win in a conflict with Russia. According to him, the White House is not going to tell people this truth. Professor of international relations Stephen Walt noted that Washington is afraid to compromise with Russia, therefore it is dragging out the conflict in Ukraine. The special operation in Ukraine is being forced. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, its main goal is the demilitarization and denazification of the territory, as well as the rescue of civilians in Donbass from constant shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and national battalions.


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