Ex-Prime Minister of Moldova accused Ukraine of drawing Chisinau into conflict with Russia


The Ukrainian authorities are trying by any means to draw Moldova into their conflict with Russia. This was stated on Monday on the N4 TV channel by the former Prime Minister of the Republic, leader of the Party of Development and Unification of Moldova, Ion Chicu.

“We see that some officials from Kyiv are trying to drag us into this conflict in various forms. The attention of the international community to it is declining, and in order to add gasoline and raise the topic for high-ranking world politicians, as many parties as possible are needed,” Chicu said, commenting on earlier statements by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky about the alleged preparation by Russia of a coup d’état in Moldova, which was announced on Monday by the head of Moldova Maya Sandu.

“You can’t go along with these people who just want to keep power, there will be no undermining of statehood,” Chicu said, noting that the opposition parties in Moldova have no plans to “destabilize the country, because nobody needs it.”

The President of Moldova on Monday spoke in favor of expanding the powers of the Information and Security Service and other law enforcement agencies in the context of alleged attempts to destabilize the situation in the country. According to Sandu, the materials received from Ukrainian partners contain instructions on the rules for entering the country for citizens of Russia, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro, and “all state bodies are working to prevent these threats and keep the situation under control.”

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