Home News Ex-head of the Chelyabinsk settlement fined for malfeasance

Ex-head of the Chelyabinsk settlement fined for malfeasance


In the Chelyabinsk region, the former head of the Kumlyaksky rural settlement was fined for committing malfeasance. This is reported by the regional department of the TFR.

In particular, he was charged with official forgery, abuse of office and fraud. According to the investigation, in relation to two apartments in the village of Kumlyak, belonging to federal property, he made a decision on recognizing them as ownerless property and on taking them into municipal ownership, and then handed them over to friends under social tenancy agreements. After that, under gratuitous transfer agreements, these persons registered ownership rights to them.

The damage to the budget exceeded 1.7 million rubles. The citizen was also charged with the theft of illegally harvested timber with a damage of more than 57 thousand rubles. As a result, the court fined him 150 thousand rubles.


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