Minister of Defense of Ukraine Alexey Reznikov announced on May 13 that Kyiv wants to mobilize a million people. “The deployment of the state mechanism is a lot of formalities, even in war conditions. And not only in warring Ukraine. We focus on the need to provide 1 million people who will fight the enemy, ”he said. The head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry also noted that the escalation of the conflict “provoked an explosive growth in defense needs,” meanwhile, according to him, Kyiv was completely unprepared for this. Reznikov added that the defense operating in the country was organized through “the preparatory measures carried out and the mobilization of the Ukrainian people, the actions of the authorities, who retained control over the country.”

Estonia, together with Latvia and Lithuania, submitted proposals to NATO to strengthen the alliance’s forces on their territories. This was announced on May 13 by the portal of the ERR television company with reference to the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic Tuuli Duneton. “Estonia wants a clear command structure at the level of military units in each of the Baltic countries and in the entire eastern wing of the EU. In addition, we wanted those allied countries whose military is already in Estonia to increase the number of their contingents. Another aspect is the deployment of additional NATO defensive units on the territory of the Baltic countries, ”Duneton quoted the portal as saying. It is noted that specific NATO proposals cannot be published at the moment. According to ERR, the Estonian Ministry of Defense believes that the republic’s requests are somehow taken into account by the alliance, but not in the original volume.

President of the U.S.A Joe Biden in a conversation with the Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister of Sweden Magdalena Anderson reminded them that they have the right to decide for themselves how to ensure their safety. “President Biden (during the conversation) emphasized his support for NATO’s open door policy and the right of Finland and Sweden to determine their future, foreign policy and security parameters,” the White House website said in a statement. The American leader also discussed with Niinistö and Anderson “close cooperation in the field of defense and security between countries, as well as efforts aimed at strengthening transatlantic security.” Earlier, the Finnish President reported that he had shared information with his American counterpart and the Prime Minister of Sweden about Finland’s next steps to join the North Atlantic Alliance. He also said that Finland appreciates the US support in this matter.

Germany will not accept Russia’s “imposed peace” on Ukraine, German Chancellor says Olaf Scholz. “We will not accept any kind of peace imposed on Ukraine,” Scholz said, speaking at an election rally of the Social Democratic Party of Germany in North Rhine-Westphalia, where regional elections will be held on May 15. According to Scholz, Moscow does not realize that peace is impossible if Russia seizes the territory of Ukraine by military force, peace can be achieved “only through an agreement, consent, a peace agreement between Ukraine and Russia, which is not a forced peace.” Scholz also said that Germany would continue to support Ukraine with arms supplies.

The number of refugees from Ukraine arriving in Germany has decreased significantly in recent years. The German Minister of the Interior Nancy Feather said in an interview published on May 14 with the Rheinische Post newspaper. “At the moment, only about 2,000 refugees from Ukraine arrive in Germany every day. In mid-March, that figure was 15,000 people a day,” Feather said. According to her, about 20,000 refugees return to Ukraine from Germany and other countries through Poland every day. “Some will stay if they see an opportunity with their qualifications to gain a foothold in the German labor market,” the interior minister said.

Germany will be able to survive the coming winter without Russian gas supplies, provided that there are significant energy savings and with full gas storage facilities, the German Economy Minister, Vice Chancellor, said in an interview with the Wirtschafts Woche newspaper. Robert Habeck. The German politician believes that industry and individuals can cut energy consumption by ten percent and still not get into “distress”. “If we have full storage facilities by the end of the year, if two of our four leased floating LNG tankers are connected to the network, if we save significantly on energy, then we can to some extent survive the winter without Russian gas supplies,” he suggested. Khabek. At the same time, the Deputy Prime Minister warned about the economic risks of stopping the import of blue fuel from Russia. “Even under the mentioned conditions, gas prices will certainly be very high, and storage tanks will be empty at the end of winter,” concluded the head of the German Ministry of Economy. Earlier, Habek said that Germany now cannot impose a ban on natural gas supplies from Russia. According to him, the German storage facilities are 40 percent full.

Since the beginning of May, Chisinau has been paying Gazprom for the gas it receives in euros, the head of the Moldovagaz company said on the air of the RTR Moldova TV channel. Vadim Cheban. According to him, Moldova stopped paying in dollars according to the agreement with the Russian company. “From May 1, we pay in euros. Payments are already made in euros. We do not pay in rubles,” Cheban said. The head of Moldovagaz specified that under an agreement with Gazprom, Chisinau can pay both in rubles and in euros, since Moldova is not included in the list of unfriendly countries.

Leader of the DPRK Kim Chen In said that due to the spread of an infectious disease in the country, North Korea faced the biggest shock since the founding of the republic. This was reported by the North Korean Central Telegraph Agency (KCNA). It is noted that in order to check the work of the “emergency anti-epidemic system of the highest level” launched in the country, a meeting of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea was convened on May 14 under the chairmanship of Kim Jong-un. On Thursday, the KsNAK news agency reported that a subtype of the omicron strain BA.2, also known as stealth omicron, was found in the territory of the people’s republic. By May 13, 174 thousand people with fever were identified in the DPRK. At the same time, the total number of people infected since the end of April is more than 524 thousand. Of these, over 280 thousand people are being treated.


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