Europe’s dissatisfaction with Xi Jinping’s visit is unlikely to change China’s position

Despite Europe’s dissatisfaction with the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Russia, the position of the Chinese state is unlikely to change because of this. They see very well that the EU has not become as autonomous as it used to be. This opinion was expressed by Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov.

“Yes, China needs Europe as a trade and economic partner. But the current crisis has shown that even in this economy-limited capacity, it is unreliable, because it is ready to cut off profitable established ties for the sake of a unified position with the United States, whose conflict with China is a matter of time. Simply put , Europe is hard to rely on”wrote Pushkov in his Telegram channel.

Thus, the senator noted, the political unreliability of Europe reduces its value in the prospects for cooperation. Pushkov pointed out that European countries are ready to sacrifice relations in the economic partnership for the common policy of the West.

“On the contrary, both in terms of objective and subjective parameters, Russia has all the basic features of a strategic partner and geopolitical ally for China. Like China for Russia”Pushkov summed up.

As Life wrote earlier, the EU announced a review of Europe’s relations with China. Czech President Pavel specified that both Prague and Berlin are revising their policy towards Beijing.


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