European heat will not overtake Moscow. And that’s why


Moderate weather in Moscow against the backdrop of abnormal heat in Europe is associated with the movement of cold air masses from the north to the Russian capital – meanwhile, air flows into European states come from the south. This was announced by the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation Roman Vilfand.

According to the meteorologist, a vast anticyclone stretched from the center of the Atlantic to the western borders of Russia. At the same time, Vilfand specified, there are both warm and cold parts of the anticyclone. If you imagine an anticyclone as a kind of ball, then the movement of air in the anticyclone moves clockwise, he explained.

“This means that on the eastern periphery of the anticyclone, air masses move from the north, northwest, and on the western periphery – from the south. When two factors enter into resonance – the powerful energy of the sun and the transfer of very warm air masses from the south – then an especially hot weather. That is why this situation is now developing in Spain, in France, in the west of Germany, “- said Vilfand in an interview with RIA Novosti.

In these regions, the air temperature currently exceeds 30 degrees, the specialist added. The high pressure ridge also reached Moscow.

“Why do we have such moderate weather? Yes, because the air masses move from the north, they formed in the polar regions. Of course, it’s not cold – 21-24 degrees, but still,” Wilfand spoke.


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