European countries will not refuse Russian tourists


    Most countries are ready to accept Russian tourists, despite the restrictions. About this channel “360” said the director of the Association “Association of tour operators in the field of outbound tourism” Turpomoshch “Alexander Osaulenko.

    “Many European countries, with which we have practically no logistics today, continue to open visas for Russians so that they can at least get to them through third countries,” he said.

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    According to Osaulenko, tourism is one of the fundamental economic areas for many European countries, where the focus on Russian tourists is still preserved. He added that a number of states are trying to keep the flow of tourists at least in some form. At the same time, visa regimes are part of the filters so that the countries do not “clog” and are passable.

    “All these filters are easy to create, but then it is difficult to get rid of them. There is a flexible approach, we hear from Finland about the possibility of a possible suspension of visa issuance, but all these decisions are made very carefully,” concluded Osaulenko.

    Earlier, Life said that Ethiopia is resuming flights with Russia in August. Up to three flights a week are planned to be operated by Ethiopian Airlines. The resumption of direct flights, which were interrupted due to the covid pandemic, will provoke a surge of interest from Russian tourists, the country’s ambassador Alemayehu Tegenu is sure.

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