Europe Needs to Correct Mistakes as New World Order Forms — EADaily, March 13, 2023 — Politics News, Europe News

Iranian Ambassador to Austria Abbas Bagherpour advised European countries to correct their mistakes and “avoid further miscalculations” in the course of the formation of a new world order. This is reported by the Iranian news agency IRNA.

An Iranian diplomat noted:

“In the process of forming a new world order, the creative and smart steps of developing powers are decisive, while the role of the West is declining. Europe can correct its shortcomings by diversifying partners, becoming less dependent on the US, and avoiding further miscalculations.”

As noted in one of the analytical materials EADaily, One of the main trends in the modern reconfiguration of the world is the growing number of “independent countries” that operate within their own “identity”, trying to defend their geopolitical interests in a transforming international environment. As part of this trend, geopolitical turbulence on the world stage automatically increases, associated with the complication of international relations and increased competition between powers in the struggle for leadership.

As noted Henry Kissinger, Iran stands out among all the Middle Eastern states with its centuries-old “experience of national greatness” and “strategic tradition”. Thus, the Iranian political culture is able to “think globally” and have a direct impact on neighboring countries, playing an active “peace-building” and “order-forming” role.

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