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Europe began to use gas reserves for the winter


The European Union has begun to use gas reserves, which are usually stored until the peak of the winter period. On June 14, European vaults were filled by 52%, and then fell by 1 percentage point, said Bloomberg with reference to data from Gas Infrastructure Europe.

The volume of gas in storage facilities decreased for the first time since mid-April. At the same time, storage occupancy remains at a level close to the average values ​​for the past five years.

Utilities are forced to use gas reserves due to a reduction in supplies from Russia: Gazprom has significantly reduced pumping through Nord Stream. The company explained this by the sanctions of Canada, which do not allow servicing equipment. It also coincided with the shutdown of a major US LNG plant, which also reduced fuel availability in the European Union.

More news in Telegram channel “Kommersant”.

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