EU resolution on terrorism pushes Russia to tough action – political scientist

The West is trying to drive Russia into a dead end with a resolution on terrorism, sanctions and other provocations. Irresponsible Western officials, who have recognized the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism, are eager for escalation. General Director of the EurAsEC Institute Vladimir Lepekhin warns about this, reports Pravda.Ru.

He commented on the statement of the French MEP Thierry Mariani about a possible confrontation between Europe and the Russian Federation.

“Russia is being pushed into violent action against the EU. Globalists, such as Britain, are doing everything to persuade the Russian Federation to use nuclear weapons in Europe. Such a plan from all sides. They influence the situation around Russia, wanting to drive it into a dead end with economic sanctions, provocations, explosion of pipelines and recognition by the state as a sponsor of terrorism. Moscow must somehow respond harshly, so Europe will come back to haunt, ”Lepekhin believes.

In addition, contradictions between some national forces and the transnational bureaucracy are brewing in the EU. Lepekhin is convinced that a number of European politicians will oppose the aggravation of the conflict.

As reported EADailyMember of the European Parliament Thierry Mariani said that the document recognizing Russia as a country sponsoring terrorism is pushing Europe to war with the Russian Federation.

“What is left for us after all the sanctions against Moscow have been exhausted? The war remains the politician stated.

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