European officials are preparing to open borders for citizens of those countries where the epidemiological situation is no worse than in Europe. Thus, access to the European Union will continue to be closed to citizens of the United States, Russia, and countries where the pandemic has not yet been suppressed.
According to France 24, when opening borders for citizens of a certain state, EU officials are guided by two criteria: how successfully they manage the coronavirus in this state and whether this state introduced restrictions on the entry of EU citizens. The believes that restrictions should be maintained for entry from countries where the situation with coronavirus is worse than in . Over the past two weeks, an average of Europe infected 16 people with coronavirus for every 100 thousand people, while in some countries this figure is much higher.

EU authorities are preparing to open their borders to foreigners from July 1. European diplomats noted that publication of official criteria and a list of countries is expected on June 29 or 30. However, now experts say that citizens of countries such as the United States, Brazil and Russia are unlikely to gain access to the territory of the “Schengen zone”, which includes all EU countries, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

On June 26, EU member states’ ambassadors decided to lift travel restrictions with Australia, Canada, the Republic of Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Thailand, Uruguay, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Montenegro, Serbia and Georgia. The preliminary list did not include the United States, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and China.

It is expected that on July 1, free movement will also begin between the countries of the “Schengen zone”, where restrictions previously applied.

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