EU intends to lower the price ceiling for oil from Russia


The United States and the European Union may reduce the price ceiling for oil products from Russia by five dollars

The US and EU authorities will conduct a review of the operation of the price ceiling mechanism for oil products from Russia in March. This was announced on March 14 by the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy. Ben Harris.

“Europe has pledged to revise the marginal price for Russian oil products in March, about which it informed the International Energy Agency”he said, speaking at the American Enterprise Institute.

Brussels could lower the limit by five dollars, Harris said.

“So if the market price is $50, that means a $2 or $3 discount. These were European commitments, Harris said, recalling that the United States has committed itself to consider this month, along with the rest of the G7 countries, a cap on oil prices. — We are waiting for their assessment from the IEA”.

Last week Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Combating Terrorist Financing and Financial Crime Elizabeth Rosenberg said that the countries participating in the G7 (“Big Seven”) are going to revise the price ceiling for Russian oil in March.


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