EU calls on Syria to abolish death penalty

Flags of the European Union near the headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels - 1920, 23.10.2021

BRUSSELS, 23 Oct – The European Union has condemned the use of the death penalty in Syria and called on Damascus to completely abandon this practice, an official from the European External Action Service said on Saturday.
“The European Union continues to work on the abolition of the death penalty in the world, calls on Syria to join the global trend of abolishing this punishment,” the EU representative said in a written statement.
Earlier, the Syrian Ministry of Justice said that twenty-four people found guilty of setting fire to forests in 2020 were executed on Wednesday.
“The EU condemns the recent execution of 24 people who were sentenced on terrorism charges for their involvement in the September-October 2020 forest fires in Syria’s coastal regions,” the statement said.
In early autumn 2020, large forest fires were recorded in the Syrian provinces of Latakia, Tartus, Homs and Hama. The persons involved in the fires were identified by Syrian law enforcement agencies late last year. According to the Syrian Interior Ministry, the number of fires then reached 187, the fire affected 280 villages and settlements. Three people became victims of fires.

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