Eternal lights will no longer go out

Eternal lights will no longer go out

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Gas for the Eternal Lights will be supplied free of charge. Such a law has been in force since May 1, and a government decree zeroing gas fees came into force on May 18.

There are 2825 such memorials in Russia, symbolizing the heroism and resilience of soldiers. Eternal fires burn constantly there, and the Lights of memory are lit on memorable dates. For half of them, gas is supplied by Gazprom, for the rest – by various gas supply organizations, First Vice Speaker of the Federation Council, co-author of the law Andrey Turchak said during the consideration of the document in the Chamber of Regions on April 26. The senator explained that liquefied gas is used for some memorials.

Andrey Turchak

“In such cases, the main burden of ensuring the burning of the Eternal Flames and the Flames of Memory falls on the shoulders of municipalities and state budgetary institutions. Not all of them have funds for these purposes,” Turchak emphasized. “Several times there have been situations when such fires were extinguished for debts or delays in payment. Now that won’t happen.”

The senator stressed that the new law reflects “the fundamental decision of the state and society that the Eternal Flame cannot be extinguished, just as our memory of victorious heroes will never be extinguished.”


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