Erdogan’s adviser to Russia: It is impossible to establish a global balance through war


The idea of ​​establishing a new order through war is tactically and strategically wrong, the price of such actions will be high for everyone. It is impossible to establish a global balance with the help of the war in Ukraine.

This is stated in the comments of the chief adviser to the President of Turkey Ibrahim Kalin to the publication Turkish, reports Ukrinform.

“The idea of ​​establishing a new order through war is tactically and strategically wrong. The price will be high for everyone. We have seen examples of this in the past. Those who want to continue this war may gain some advantages in the short term, but they will have to suffer strategic losses in the medium and long term,” Kalyn said.

According to him, it is impossible to establish a global balance, which could not be established after the Cold War, which ended in 1990, through the war in Ukraine or another war.

“It is impossible to establish a stable and sustainable order without a comprehensive and fair solution to the balance of power, security concerns and threat perceptions. If you establish a Western-oriented world order and impose your national interests as the common values ​​and needs of humanity, everyone has the right to oppose it. Unilateralism in international relations is an invitation to conflict<... > On the basis of this, the Ukrainian war began, and its consequences will last for decades,” Erdogan’s adviser said.

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In his opinion, even if the hot conflict ends in the coming weeks or months, the war will continue in various forms and scales.

“We will face major global challenges such as food, energy, cyber security, weapons of mass destruction and biological attacks, logistics, rising commodity prices, waves of migration and the refugee crisis. We resolutely continue our diplomatic efforts to prevent the recurrence of disasters that have already been experienced in the past,” Kalyn said.

According to him, Turkey will continue “to advance along the path of negotiations and dialogue, not war, with patience and perseverance.”

As Ukrinform reported, Turkey has repeatedly stated that it is ready to organize and host on its territory both meetings at the level of negotiators and a meeting at the level of the presidents of Ukraine and Russia.

On March 29, a face-to-face round of negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations took place in Istanbul. After it, the Ukrainian delegation came up with a number of proposals to end the Russian-Ukrainian war, including the signing of an international treaty on guarantees for the security of Ukraine.


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