Erdogan says he intends to implement gas hub project

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan promised to implement the gas hub project proposed earlier by Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“In his congratulatory message, Mr. Putin repeated the question of Turkey, namely Thrace, becoming a “gas hub”. We will take this step with them. Thrace will be the center, Erdogan said speaking to supporters at his residence after winning the second round of the presidential election.

The President promised to continue to strengthen Turkey’s position by investing in transport and energy to bring them to the world level.

On Sunday, the second round of elections was held in Turkey, in which Erdogan won with 52% of the vote. Erdogan has already been congratulated by many world leaders, including Vladimir Putin.

In October last year, the presidents of the two countries instructed to work out in detail the issue of creating a gas hub in Turkey. Through it, in particular, it would be possible to move gas supplies from the damaged Nord Streams. At the same time, we are talking not only about creating a trading platform in Turkey, but also about developing infrastructure and increasing supplies in the southern direction, the Deputy Prime Minister said. Alexander Novak. Other countries can also participate here, he said: Algeria, Qatar and Azerbaijan also supply gas to Europe via the southern direction.

Operations to sell and buy gas through Russia’s proposed gas hub project in Turkey are scheduled to begin in 2024, the country’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources said. Fatih Donmez. He previously stated that in early April, Ankara began the process of amending the legislation on this project, they are expected to be approved by Erdogan. According to him, a number of European countries, including Hungary and Serbia, are interested in purchasing gas through the hub.

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