Envoy on protocol row over Foreign Minister’s visit

Amid The protocol-related controversy over social media, German Ambassador To India, Philipp AckermannYou can find more information at Monday German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock’s plane landed early in Delhi.

She He was invited to stay on board for a time, but he decided to take off without being given a line. German problem, Mr. Ackermann Submitted ANI On Monday.

FurtherIn the midst of social media disputes, some posts have been claiming that there is a protocol issue with the German Foreign Minister, Mr. AckermannWho is also the Germany Send an envoy BhutanThe clarification was made that Minister’s A plane arrived a little earlier than expected in DelhiShe added that she was in fact one of the first ministers who landed in the capital. Thursday For The G20 Foreign Ministers’ meeting.

“We had to transfer her to the conference centre and she was a little early so the German authorities asked her to wait on the plane for a while,” The German Ambassador was informed and she also agreed to remain in the aircraft.

“She had some breakfast and then spontaneously decided to leave the plane without the receiving line being formed. But that was an entire German problem,” The German ambassador said.

“It has nothing to do with Indian protocol. I can only say again and again the Indian protocol has done outstanding work this week. It is really, really more than anything I’ve seen in a protocol in my life. And they did that very graciously. Fantastically,” He spoke of the hospitality extended to him German Minister.

“The Minister came out of the plane. You’ve seen it on the little video on social media, she laughed, she had a great time, she thought to herself it was quite funny and we had a very nice welcome. And she’s not a very pretentious person, so she had no problem with this little mishap,” The envoy was also added. “That was an entire German mishap and has nothing to do with Indian protocol,” He said.

“Under the current circumstances, G20 is a difficult business and I don’t envy any president but can say that the Indian side did that masterfully. It was a fantastically organised and set-up conference. Everybody was happy with the context. My Minister had a couple of very good bilaterals on the side and when she left she was very, very happy. And at Raisina Dialogue, a couple of German parliamentarians came and what I get from their impressions is that Raisina after the G20 was again a great success,” Mr. Ackermann Submitted ANI.

“So kudos to the Indian side, kudos to Indian protocol. First and foremost because they did a fantastic job in hospitality,” The German The envoy praised the organization and conduct of the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, Other G20 Events and the 8th Edition of the Raisina Dialogue. FurtherThe following is a list of the Raisina DialogueAccording to him, everyone had a busy week but the best part was when everyone got together. Indian Friends had a ten-fold busier week.

He The author stated that Indian side did “outstanding” Every level of work is important.

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