England deploys two ships for warfare on the seabed

The UK will acquire two specialized ships to protect underwater infrastructure such as cables and pipelines, Defense Minister Ben Wallace said last Sunday after leaks in the Nord Stream gas pipeline, reports today, October 3, Reuters.

European countries say the pipeline system that brought gas to Europe was damaged by “sabotage” but refrain from directly blaming Moscow. Meanwhile, in Russia, the West was blamed for what happened, the British news agency notes.

Speaking at a Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, Secretary Wallace referred to “mysterious damage” to the pipelines, while saying he saw “a threat to British infrastructure that it comes from Russia”.

“This should remind us all how fragile our economy and infrastructure is for such hybrid attacks. Our internet and our energy are heavily dependent on pipelines and cables. Russia does not hide its ability to attack such infrastructure, the head of the British military department said. “For this reason, I can announce that we have recently allocated two specialized ships capable of securing our cables and pipelines.”

According to him, the first “multi-purpose research ship for warfare on the seabed” will be purchased this year and put into operation by the end of next year.

A second ship for this purpose will be built in the United Kingdom, he added.

The United States and Britain are behind the explosions on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines. This, as reported EADailysaid the former adviser to the Secretary of Defense in the administration of the ex-US President Donald Trump retired colonel Douglas McGregor.

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