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Energetic Yushkov explained Gazprom’s inaction on Nord Stream

globallookpress/Daniel Reinhardt
globallookpress/Daniel Reinhardt

Despite the situation with the shutdown of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, the leadership of the Russian Gazprom does not take any action to eliminate it. What is the reason for this, Igor Yushkov, a leading analyst at the National Energy Security Fund, explained.

According to him, Gazprom is not fighting for Nord Stream, since this situation does not depend on it in any way. Yushkov explained that Russia does not influence the uncoordinated sanctions policy of European countries and Canada. Moscow is signaling states to push for lifting restrictions on pipeline equipment. “Prime”.

“All turbines are products of Siemens, so the situation may repeat itself. All of them will soon be running out of overhaul periods, and they will continue to stop and stop,” Yushkov added.

Earlier it became known that the authorities of Canada and Germany began discussing the situation with turbines for Nord Stream. Countries are actively working to resolve the issue with Siemens equipment.



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