Employees of Sheremetyevo Airport won the sports tournament of FC Khimki

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The Sheremetyevo Security team became the winners of the tournament for the cup of the Khimki football club. For a month, employees of Khimki enterprises played among themselves for victory in competitions in a round-robin format.

The teams of ITIS KIT VP, Aeromar, Korona Food, Latuning, Sheremetyevo Security and NPO Lavochkina became the participants of the competition. The team of the research and production association set a record for the biggest victory – 21:1.

In the final match, airport specialists met with representatives of Aeromar, who did not lose a single match during the tournament. The game ended with a confident victory for Sheremetyevo Security with a score of 4:1.

“We managed to win, so everyone is happy and happy. The organization of the tournament is excellent. We had a very busy calendar, but everyone was sympathetic and went to meet us,” shared the playing coach of the winning team Mikhail Pavlov.

All participants of the tournament received commemorative cups, and the three strongest teams were awarded medals and prizes. Also, according to the results of the competition, the most distinguished football players were presented for individual awards. Andrey Levashov from Sheremetyevo Security was recognized as the best goalkeeper, Stanislav Eremin from NPO Lavochkin became the leader in the list of scorers, and Denis Kondrashkin from Aeromar was named the best player of the competition.

In addition, the Okrug hosted a football tournament for the FC Khimki Cup among children. The competition was attended by 15 teams in the age category up to 12 years old and 10 teams up to 14 years old. The winners were representatives of the schools “League of the First” and “Leader”.

Earlier, the governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov spoke about the opening of 417 school stadiums. The authorities of the region agreed with the heads of educational institutions to let people in even during the holidays.

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