Elon Musk meets with China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang in Beijing

Elon Musk is visiting China. The US businessman met with Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang in Beijing on Tuesday. The Tesla boss plans to expand his business in China. China’s leadership is also interested in cooperation.

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang received Elon Musk in Beijing on May 30th. According to the agency’s statement, the minister said that China aims to create a better, market-oriented business environment for companies from around the world, including electric car maker Tesla. At the meeting, the diplomat emphasized that a healthy, stable and constructive relationship between Beijing and Washington is not only beneficial for the two countries. The whole world could also benefit from this.

US agency approves Musk company Neuralink chip trials on human brain

US agency approves Musk company Neuralink chip trials on human brain

To illustrate his thoughts, Qin used automotive terminology, appropriate to the topic: In the bilateral relationship, you have to steer the wheel in the direction of mutual respect and peaceful coexistence, avoid dangerous driving maneuvers and “step on the brakes” in good time. On the contrary, you have to step on the gas if you want a mutually beneficial cooperation.

According to the statement, the US businessman described the Chinese people as “hardworking and intelligent”. The interests of China and the United States are closely intertwined. He compared the two economies to Siamese twins. According to the Tesla boss, his company is currently fighting against the “decoupling and rupture of logistics chains” and against this background wants to expand its business in the Asian giant.

Musk last visited China in 2020 before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The news agency Reuters reported that the US businessman also wants to meet with China’s Prime Minister Li Qiang. However, the topic of the possible conversation was not disclosed. Li and Musk met in 2019 at the opening of the electric car maker’s largest production facility in Shanghai. The Chinese politician used to be party secretary in Shanghai and oversaw the construction of the Tesla factory. China is Tesla’s second largest market after the United States.

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