Elon Musk has received assurances from Apple that Twitter will remain in the App Store.

Musk and Apple CEO meet to discuss misunderstanding over Twitter deletion

Assurances from the head of Apple Tim Cook that the social network Twitter is not in danger of being hit from the App Store, an American businessman received Elon Musk. The entrepreneur himself wrote about this on November 30 in his microblog.

Tim Cook in front of the Apple logo

Tim Cook in front of the Apple logo

Mike Deerkoski

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Twitter owner Elon Musk met at Apple headquarters and discussed all the difficulties and misunderstandings that had arisen.

As Musk clarified, among other things, a misunderstanding was resolved related to the fact that Twitter could be removed from the App Store. Musk said Tim Cook made it clear that Apple never considered this option.

Previously IA REGNUM Musk reported that Apple was threatening to remove Twitter from its app store, allegedly due to disagreement with Twitter’s new editorial policy. Musk has even expressed his willingness to develop his own smartphone if Apple follows through on its threat.

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