Elena Podkaminskaya revealed the details of the filming of the series “Eve, give birth!”

Global Look Press |  Dmitry Golubovich
Global Look Press | Dmitry Golubovich

Premiere of the series “Eve, give birth!” with Elena Podkaminskaya in the title role took place on September 20 at the Start online cinema. The star of the serial comedy film “Kitchen” noted that her new story will tell about a person’s desire to find love and be happy, despite the circumstances.

According to the plot of the series, Eva is a talented dance teacher and a workaholic. A 38-year-old woman has wealth, beauty, a constant lover and an apartment in a mortgage. One day the heroine finds out that “the love of her life” got married and became a father. The news literally turns Eve’s world upside down and forces her to reconsider her priorities.

The visual range of the tape is also not the last value. Special attention in the series was given to dancing. Three months before the start of filming, Podkaminskaya plunged into training.

“It’s amazing, I danced on the pylon for the first time, but I immediately felt it was mine! At the same time, I was amazed at how much physical strength is needed for professional work, so that the dance seems light, sexy and bewitching, ”the actress quotes Teleprogramma.pro.

It should be noted that the choreographer of the project was the teacher Alexander Mogilev, known for his work in the popular project “Dancing” on TNT. According to the choreographer, Podkaminskaya was able to master the basics of a variety of styles in the shortest possible time.


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