Elections in Italy forced the Dutch prime minister to take a closer look at his policies

The results of the Italian elections are worrying, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on the Op1 TV program in the evening.

Rutte stated that the parties that won elections in Italy were “doing or saying things to be vigilant”.

He added that his government will try to cooperate with the future government of Italy. “We should not be naive, but everyone should be given a chance,” he said. Rutte has not yet congratulated George Meloni on her victory and will only do so if the prime ministerial candidate is already in office, he explained. In an interview, Rutte also expressed concern about the state of the rule of law in Hungary and Poland.

In an interview, the prime minister mentioned social tensions in the Netherlands, in particular among farmers protesting against the government’s agricultural policy. Rutte called the refugee crisis and the family support scandal. Rutte admitted that during all these crises he was “less visible” than the leader of the country should be.

Rutte admitted that his government is often criticized for being too slow to find answers to certain problems. “The cabinet must take criticism seriously and explain complex issues that cannot be easily resolved,” he said.

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