: On Saturday, after the last Zuma (Friday) of the month of Ramadan, people of the Muslim community across the country tried to see the moon, but the moon could not be seen.

After this, the Shahi Imam of Delhi Jama Masjid, Syed Ahmed Bukhari announced that Ul-Fitr prayers would be offered in the country on Monday 25 May. However, this time due to the declaration of lockdown against Coronavirus in the country, people will not be able to offer namaz in the mosque or Idgah.

This year, people will celebrate Eid celebrations by staying inside their homes and following Social Distancing. However, to celebrate the festival of Eid despite the lockdown, people will definitely make traditional and tasty dishes in their homes.

Even though this year’s Eid has faded a bit due to the Corona virus outbreak, while staying at home, there should be nothing left to celebrate the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr. On this special occasion, you can enjoy this festival with the family by making many traditional dishes ranging from kimami sevaiyan and . We have brought for you videos of Eid Special Recipe, which you can try.

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2. Recipes

3. Mutton Biryani





Significantly, the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated on the first day of Shawwal, which is the tenth month of the Islamic calendar. Greeting people on Eid, giving Idi to the little ones and visiting relatives as well as making traditional dishes at home, giving jakaad, etc. are some of the special traditions related to Eid, which are followed.

To enjoy the festival of Eid in the time of Corona crisis, make these traditional dishes at home and enjoy the meal together with the family.