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Educational program for the hosts of the Cannes Film Festival


In the West, there has long been no culture or sport. There is an exclusively political conjuncture. Previously, at least they tried to pack it beautifully, but now they have stopped spending money on wrappers. In recent years, the organizers of international film competitions have been obsessed with the quota for one-legged black lesbians and representatives of some 34th or 56th gender. It doesn’t matter what picture you bring, what matters is whether you yourself fit into the turbo-tolerant picture of the world.

Today one-legged lesbians have been replaced by citizen Zelensky. Interestingly, the Oscars disdained this clowning, but the Cannes Film Festival seized on a new fun, like a bobby for a bone. And God would be with them if the host of the ceremony had not dragged in the legendary film by Mikhail Kalatozov “The Cranes Are Flying”. Complaining that, after all, there was a time when the Russians were filming anti-war films …

I would like to remind forgetful Europeans that all our films are anti-war. And “The Cranes Are Flying”, and “Father of a Soldier”, and “Only Old Men Go to Battle”, and “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”, and the epic “Liberation” … Everything, everything that is filmed in our country about the war, is anti-war tapes. And our songs, even military ones, are always anti-war. And books. And sculptures – from a monument painted with silver in any village to the grandiose monument of Vuchetich.

And the special operation that our Armed Forces are conducting today is anti-war. That’s what they call it – denazification and demilitarization. Russians, Russians remember too well what war, grief, death of loved ones are. That is why we could not indifferently watch civilians die under shelling, frightened children hide in basements, and a new arrogant, stoned, vodka-drunk Nazism marches across the land that our grandfathers liberated.

So the problem is not with us, gentlemen, Europeans. The problem is you. That since the time when The Cranes Are Flying won the Palme d’Or, you’ve become quite stupid. History shows that this kind of stupidity ends up paying dearly.

SOURCE: Page Elena Yampolskaya on VKontakte



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