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Education department should consider teaching foreign languages ​​to students: Amarinder Singh

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Thursday asked the state education department to consider ways to teach foreign languages ​​to students and enhance their employability globally. Emphasizing on the need to give opportunities to students who want to learn foreign languages ​​as elective subjects in government schools, he asked the school education department to consider ways to teach languages ​​like Chinese, Arabic and French to the students.

In an official statement issued here, the Chief Minister was quoted as saying that these languages ​​can help them (students) in increasing employment opportunities all over the world. Speaking to school teachers in the state, Singh said, “Punjabi is our mother tongue and English is already being taught in schools. In such a situation, additional knowledge of foreign language will further help our students in making their career.

Sharing his experiences about people’s zeal to try something new, Singh said that long ago when he was visiting Kapurthala district, he saw a signboard indicating the place to teach Italian language. “This incident shows that our people, especially the youth, are keen to learn foreign languages ​​to live abroad and such an initiative of the education department will help them realize their aspirations,” he said.


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