Earthworm rain in China; streets covered in worms

Beijing: It It was pouring worms on a street of China’s Liaoning approximately 428 miles away from the city. Beijing.

The Video of the alleged incident, posted online March 11 is being shared on social media by people who speculate for a reason that could explain the erratic precipitation.

In You can watch the video here Cars Reports of heavy rains have left them covered in worm-like debris. China.

The Chinese government’s authorities have not yet verified the causes. Some They claim the reports are false. Others This is supported by science-based evidence.

They It is rare, but it is possible. The The phenomenon is also known as Earthworm Rain.

Twitter user responds to the video by saying that the objects were falling from the sky. China Are caterpillars not caterpillars? “but cluster of flowers of poplar trees”.

The user explained, “When poplar flower spikes start to fall, it indicates that they are about to bloom”.

Online The videos have been viewed thousands of times.

Many They described it as their “worst nightmare”.

“Nah I’d never leave the home again,” One person made a comment on TikTok regarding the incident.

Leaving The house? Oh no,” added another.

Many Comments echoed the sentiment with one person saying “I would never leave my housee” One could simply say it. “I would cry”.

It’s a strange thing “worm tornado” Left locals in a nearby neighbourhood New Jersey perplexed.

When The resident noticed something strange when the grass edge met the pavement: several worms were creating a spiral there.

According One of them. Kyungsoo YooA professor in the University Of Minnesota’s Department Of Soil, WaterAnd Climate, “This tornado shape is really fascinating.”

Although Although worms have been known to grow in large numbers from soil, he said, he’d never seen one make a spiral.

Last An identical video was produced in the same year by India In which fishes were falling from heaven, had appeared.

According Witness “rain of animals”—a uncommon weather occurrence that causes small water animals like frogs, crabs, and small fish to be swept into water spouts—causes raining fish.

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