Dutch special envoy for Ukraine resigns over pro-Russian remarks

Ron van Dartel, special envoy of the Dutch Foreign Ministry for Business and Reconstruction of Ukraine, has resigned, the ministry accepted it. The reason was the words of the diplomat that “Ukrainians are also Russians”, as well as statements about the naivety of world politicians in relation to Russia.

“Special Envoy for Business and Reconstruction of Ukraine Ron van Dartel resigns after his statements in Gerard Dilessin’s book… A successor will be found as soon as possible,” the statement reads. press releasepublished on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

Mr. van Dartel was appointed special envoy in April. His comments, published in Mr. Dilessen’s book, were made prior to his appointment, but the Dutch Foreign Ministry was not informed in advance, the press release says. The diplomat “realized that he could no longer trust his statements and therefore decided to resign immediately,” the Foreign Ministry added.

According to the portal RTL Nieuws, the special representative stayed in his post for only two and a half weeks. Public outrage was caused, among other things, by his words that “international politicians are naive in their attitude towards Russia” and also “wishful thinking when talking about changes in Russia.”

About what happens after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine, read the material “Kommersant”.

Laura Keffer


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