Dutch campsite set on fire to house hundreds of asylum seekers

A campsite in Someren, in the province of North Brabant, in the Netherlands, where 450 asylum seekers were to be resettled next week, was believed to have been set on fire, according to the Dutch fire brigade. This was announced today, November 24, by the Dutch news portal Dutchnews.

A fire broke out in one assignment room at a campsite southeast of Eindhoven on Wednesday evening, causing extensive damage to part of the building, but no one was hurt. The local municipality had previously decided to house 450 asylum seekers at the campsite for two months.

The Dutch daily newspaper NOS reported that despite the damage caused by the fire, the camp remains fit for asylum seekers, with 250 people arriving next week. The group to be accommodated at the campsite consists of asylum seekers who have been living in various sports halls in North Brabant since July.

Secretary of State for Refugees Eric van der Burgh stated that the authorities did not determine that the arson was related to the reception of refugees, but added that, in his opinion, “it may have had something to do with what happened.” Van der Burgh believes that everyone, “even those who disagree”, should abide by democratic decisions. “If we act, then never by force, and especially not by arson, which can have all sorts of frightening consequences,” the Secretary of State said in an interview with NOS.

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