Dugin: “There will be no more Ukraine, no problem and no more Nazis”

In an exclusive interview with RT, Russian political philosopher Alexander Dugin discusses the Ukraine conflict and the changes a Russian victory would bring to the world. Russia, according to Dugin, is the obstacle to the creation of a Western-style global world.

Russian political philosopher Alexander Dugin spoke about the Ukraine conflict and Russia’s role in the world in an exclusive interview with RT. Dugin explains the double standards of the liberal West, which on the one hand has been promoting the radical nationalism of Ukrainians for years and on the other hand condemns all nationalism and patriotism on its own territory:

“The West thinks: We have no other way to create artificial nationalism in Ukraine and incite Ukrainians to fight against the Russians because they would not be willing to do so. They would not be willing to fight for liberal values ​​because they mean absolutely nothing for today’s Ukrainians.”

Dugin: Russia will either disintegrate or become an empire

Dugin: Russia will either disintegrate or become an empire

For traditional societies, liberal values ​​are not something to defend. That is why the “globalist liberals” created and used the most radical form of nationalism, Ukrainian Russophobic fascism.

“They were created in exactly the same way as ISIS, the Islamic State, was created or Islamic fundamentalism was exploited,” explains the 61-year-old.

But this Ukrainian fascism will not pose a long-term problem, as supporting them will inevitably lead to the country’s destruction:

“After the destruction of Ukraine, there will be nothing left, quite simply. So I don’t think they seriously believe in a possible victory for Ukraine. Ukraine will disappear in the course of this conflict. So there is not too much danger, because this artificially fabricated Nazis will sooner or later cease to exist. There will be no more Ukraine, no problem and no more Nazis.”

In Dugin’s view, however, the Russian victory would lead to “multipolarity,” which means geopolitical sovereignty. With the West, Russia and China, “a three-pole world” is created immediately. The philosopher sees a fourth pole that almost already exists in India.

Since Western hegemony with its LGBT+ values ​​is incompatible with Islam, Islamic countries could also become “a real player on a global level” in a multipolar world. That would be good reason for all Muslims to support Russia’s victory in Ukraine. The same applies to Latin America and Africa. Everyone would benefit from a Russian victory, but no one can help Russia at this critical juncture. The philosopher concludes:

“It’s a very special situation. We have to win, relying on our own strength and then the others will be on our side.”

Russia’s victory in Ukraine spelled the end of Western hegemony.

“Independent Russia, with its patriotic consciousness strengthened in the Putin era, is the real obstacle to the creation of a global world under Western rule,” said Dugin.

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