Duarte told how he was shocked by the trip to the subway in Moscow

Spartak defender Alexis Duarte spoke about the first trip in the Moscow metro. From Cerro Porteño, Paraguay, he moved to the capital club in January 2023. He admitted that he went down into the subway out of curiosity, as he had heard a lot about the beauty of the Russian metro stations.

“I was very scared, to be honest. I was shocked at how deep into the ground you need to go down on an escalator. How is this possible? But I was very interested in what it was. Out of curiosity, I went down,” — told Duarte “Sport Express”.

Duarte said that he never made it to the center, although he knew that the most beauty was there. Without speaking either Russian or English, I decided on such a “journey” with a guide. Curiosity was enough for a short trip.

“Well, we had a Russian-speaking person with us, so everything was safe. We passed a couple of stations, looked at what was happening, and went out into the street,” concluded Duarte.


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