drone boats shot from Ivan Khurs machine guns — EADaily, May 27, 2023 — Incidents, Russian News

The sailors who repelled the attack of unmanned boats on the reconnaissance ship “Ivan Khurs” were presented for combat state awards. This was reported on May 27 in the Russian Defense Ministry.

Artillery team sergeant midshipman Evgeniy Shcherbachemist sergeant Maxim Panezhinradiometrist corporal Daniil Nesterovsenior signalman senior sailor Valentin Neiman were on watch when the boats appeared. The first emerged from the fog. The explosion of this drone, which received a fiery hello from 14.5-mm machine gun turrets from the Russian ship, unexpectedly cleared the fog for the crew, and the rest of the boats were also discovered. They moved in zigzags, but this did not save them, they were also destroyed.

“The servicemen timely detected high-speed targets approaching the Russian ship, and at the command of the commander of the ship, captain 3rd rank Igor Taran fire from standard weapons destroyed unmanned boats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at a safe distance, – sparingly notes the report of the Ministry of Defense.

For courage and courage, the sailors are presented with the Orders of Naval Merit and Ushakov medals.

Recall that the reconnaissance ship of the Black Sea Fleet “Ivan Khurs” arrived at the permanent base in Sevastopol after performing special tasks in the Black Sea. Since the end of April, its crew has been performing security tasks for the TurkStream and Blue Stream pipelines in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Turkey and monitoring the surface situation in the southwestern Black Sea to ensure the safety of shipping under the grain deal.

On May 24, 140 kilometers northeast of the Bosphorus, the ship was attacked by three Ukrainian unmanned speedboats. They were destroyed from the standard armament of the ship – 14.5 mm machine gun turrets.

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