Drivers were explained the reason for the sudden increase in recycling collection

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Increasing the recycling fee for cars is intended to remove gray parallel import schemes from the market and help stimulate it. Previous gray schemes made it possible to purchase a car cheaper or buy brands that were no longer officially imported into Russia. This was stated by auto expert Egor Vasiliev.

“However, playing such games with the state is a guaranteed losing lottery,” Vasiliev noted in an interview with the Prime agency. In his opinion, car owners need to choose whether to purchase a car under a gray scheme with possible problems or expensively, but legitimately.

Recycling rates have been increased by 1.7-3.7 times, including for intermediary companies and EAEU states. In this situation, if the fee at a preferential rate is paid by the intermediary, then the final buyer is forced to pay the full price for legal entities, as in the case of resale. The question remains with those cars for which the recycling fee has increased significantly, up to 250 times. Car owners are hoping for a moratorium from the state.


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