Drinking coffee on an empty stomach leads to stomach problems

Many Russians prefer to drink coffee in the morning, as this drink helps to cheer up after sleep. But most often it is drunk on an empty stomach, which is fraught with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This was reported by nutritionist Olga Panova.

“The most common and most harmful habit of coffee lovers is to drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. For many of them, breakfast is equal to a cup of coffee. This is a big mistake,” Panova said in an interview Radio Sputnik.

Coffee promotes the production of cortisol, and in the morning on an empty stomach in our blood it is already at a high level. Therefore, situationally it invigorates us, but with the constant use of the drink on an empty stomach, increased anxiety may appear. In addition, the specialist added, while the walls of the stomach are irritated. The nutritionist recommended drinking it only after meals, as it will reduce the level of stress hormone production.

“When we drink coffee on an empty stomach, we also add this hormone. It invigorates us, but those who do this all the time always suffer from a certain anxiety, anxiety. And in addition, by leaps and bounds, they go to make stomach diseases,” Panov warned.

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