Drinking beer increases heat transfer and removes fluid from the body


    Drinking beer in the heat can be dangerous, as the drink increases heat transfer and leads to the removal of fluid from the body. About it RIAMO said gastroenterologist Vladimir Neronov.

    “Beer is one of the oldest tonic drinks, but its use should be correct and episodic. This drink can be insidious, even if fortified and unnatural beer is completely excluded,” said the expert.

    According to Neronov, one bottle of beer is on average equal to 50 milliliters of pure vodka. When drinking a drink on a hot day, heat transfer increases due to sweating. In addition, beer has a pronounced diuretic effect, so instead of quenching thirst, a person only loses fluid.

    Also, beer is an irritant of the upper digestive tract and is strictly contraindicated for people suffering from chronic diseases of the digestive system. According to the doctor, the safe dose of this alcoholic drink is 500 milliliters at a time in the absence of health problems.

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