Dreiden’s relatives received documents for the removal of the actor’s body from Finland

Relatives of Russian actor Sergei Dreyden, who died in Finland, were finally able to obtain the necessary documents to take his body to Russia. This was announced by the Executive Director and Executive Secretary of the Union of Cinematographers of St. Petersburg Alexander Babayan. He confirmed that the artist’s relatives really could not take the artist’s body out due to bureaucratic delays.

“For a long time we could not get the necessary documents. But now everything is in order. All the necessary certificates have been received,” — Babayan said in an interview with the newspaper “Petersburg Diary”.

As Life already wrote, Sergey Dreiden died on May 8 at the age of 81. The actor was twice awarded one of the main Russian theatrical awards “Golden Mask”, three times – “Golden Soffit”. He was also the winner of the “Nika” award. The exact cause of the artist’s death has not yet been reported.


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