“Dream” is trying to get rid of dependence on Washington – EADaily, March 7, 2023 – Politics, Russia News

The United States is frightened by the growing influence of Russia, so the “green light” was given to the protest, writes the Russian Mig telegram channel.

“The law on foreign agents hits precisely Georgian NGOs, and they are 99% funded by the State Department. It is against him that they rebel, ” – said the author of the channel, commenting on the protests that turned into a radical phase on the evening of March 7.

According to him, the ruling Georgian Dream party is trying to get out of such dependence on Washington, because the current team in the White House is trying to provoke them into a confrontation with Russia, which clearly does not meet the fundamental interests of the Georgian people.”

As reported EADaily, the protesters in Tbilisi have already broken through the barriers at the main entrance to the Georgian Parliament and are breaking into the building. The police had previously used water cannons and rubber bullets against protesters throwing Molotov cocktails and various objects at the protesters. However, the radicals continue to storm the parliament building.

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