Donetsk schoolchildren visited Perm University as part of an educational shift

Press service of PSNIU
Press service of PSNIU

Schoolchildren from Donetsk arrived in Perm for a university educational shift. Perm State Research University hosted guests within its walls.

The session “In the Heart of Parma” started on August 9 and will last for ten days. Teenagers from Donbass visited the quest tour around the campus of Perm State National Research University and met with the rector of the educational institution Dmitry Krasilnikov.

For schoolchildren from Donetsk, a rich program was prepared with many excursions and meetings. Teenagers will be able to immerse themselves in the history and culture of the Perm Territory, visit the Permskaya confectionery factory, the Quantorium Photonics and the Kungur Ice Cave.


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