Dogs in St. Petersburg will be allowed into stores

Dogs in St. Petersburg will be allowed into stores

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Kennels in apartments should be banned, and dogs should be allowed into shops. All the same, animals should be walked in a muzzle, and the Hermitage cats should be left alone. These ideas will soon be widely discussed with specialists and the public in St. Petersburg, where deputies are preparing to develop a law on keeping pets. Deputy of the Legislative Assembly Denys Chetyrbok told about this to “Parliamentskaya Gazeta”. The State Duma approved the ideas, noting that some of them are even ahead of federal legislation.

Extended powers

After the State Duma deputies gave the regions the right to resolve a number of issues with animals at the local level, in St. Petersburg they determined who would do what. At a meeting of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly on November 30, the second reading was passed by a bill on assigning such powers to the executive branch and parliament. It was left to the city government to develop a procedure that would prevent homeless animals from harming the health of citizens, as well as determining places where it is forbidden to return such animals after sterilization. Deputies will also regulate the laws of the rules for keeping pets.

“It is impossible to take and regulate everything related to the maintenance of pets at one time. This will be a big job with the involvement of public figures, animal rights activists and the executive branch,” said Denis Chetyrbok, deputy of the Legislative Assembly.

ban nurseries

One of the first issues will be a ban on the actual placement of nurseries in residential buildings. According to Chetyrbok, many citizens complain that people in small apartments are breeding animals for sale. “There may be 40, 60 individuals there. Something needs to be done about this,” the St. Petersburg parliamentarian believes.

State Duma deputy Vladimir Burmatov He fully supported the idea: “Petersburg deputies are thinking in the right direction and somewhere even ahead of federal legislation. Animal breeding activities require legislative regulation. I have already sent such a draft law to the federal government.”

According to him, there are many problems with kennels, including cynological ones: “Breeders are engaged in thoughtless crossing, so there is no question of the breed. The main thing is to have more puppies that could be sold out quickly. And those who are not sold out are thrown out the door, replenishing the flocks of the homeless.

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Walking on the withers

The second area in which Chetyrbok works is walking dogs in muzzles and with leashes. According to the parliamentarian, a clearer order is needed, which is based not only on the provision on the height of the animal at 40 centimeters at the withers. Perhaps breeds need to be considered. And start from what areas the dogs live in, because in the city center, for example, there is no way to organize walking areas. There, animals must be muzzled and on leashes, and the owner must clean up after them. And if there is a fenced area, then you can walk and practice without a leash and a muzzle.

Vladimir Burmatov believes that there is no need to narrow down the categories too much: “According to the law, owners are required to control their animal. Well, what can be a muzzle for a small dog? Collar – yes, of course, there should be. Either the dog must be on hand or in a carrier. This is due, among other things, to the safety of the animal itself,” Burmatov believes. According to him, a muzzle is a controversial thing, if we are not talking about a large dog. He also recalled that at the federal level they are preparing to establish large fines of up to 200 thousand rubles for animal bites of a person: “If you don’t want to be fined, of course, put a muzzle on the dog.”

Friend with you

Another issue to be resolved in St. Petersburg is the admission of animals to shops and other public places. Denis Chetyrbok recalled that now this is regulated by the goodwill of the owners: “Somewhere we see that you can enter with any animals, somewhere only with small dogs, but somewhere you can’t at all. On the one hand, shops are private territory. But, on the other hand, visiting a store or a cafe is part of walking, that is, the animal’s stay outside the house. If you can’t go anywhere with dogs, then you need to decide where to leave them then. There is an indication in the law that a person can go everywhere with a guide dog, ”the deputy reasoned.

Vladimir Burmatov fully agrees: “My opinion is that everything should be opened. People do not want to part with their animals in different situations, they want to be with them. And we can’t go anywhere with pets. There are resort regions where animals cannot be brought into hotels, shops, beaches, or cinemas. Comes to the point of absurdity. For example, people bought business class tickets for a five-hour flight, paid for a ticket for a dog. And in the business hall, they were required to put the animal in a carrier for three hours, ”the parliamentarian was indignant. At the same time, Vladimir Burmatov said that, for example, in St. Petersburg, he met the hospitality of catering owners who organized the opportunity to visit their establishments with a pet: “There are a number of cafes where they will offer you some water, treat you to delicious animals and there are no conflicts with other visitors. So it’s a matter of setting rules, including based on the size of the animal.”

Hermitage cats outlawed

But the city legislators will not regulate the habitation of pets in non-residential premises. For example, the cats of the Hermitage will be bypassed. According to Chetyrbok, the stay of animals in enterprises and institutions should be regulated by the rules of the organization itself. Including taking into account the norms of SanPiN. And Rospotrebnadzor can control this.


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