Dog handler told how to entertain a dog at a distance

MOSCOW, 23 October – The President of the Russian Cynological Federation Vladimir Golubev told how to entertain the pet so that it does not distract the owner from working from home during the distance.
“In the current conditions, when employees have to return to remote work, the question of what to do with the dog while you are busy with work will arise for dog breeders. Active pets can create many problems for the owner: it is difficult to work in conditions of a constantly pestering dog,” Golubev said.
So that the pet does not interfere with work, the dog handler advises, it is necessary to physically load the dog on the street – to include active games and training in the morning walks. “Walking with your dog in a nearby park will help you to wake up and wake up. Learn the basic commands from the general training course. Train your dog to be active in the morning. work, and the dog has a happy time with the owner, “he said.
Having played enough, the dog will most likely return home tired and rest, the expert said. “In the first half of the day, she will not have the strength to bother you during work,” said Golubev.
After the walk, the dog handler asks you not to forget to feed the dog well. A well-fed animal does not feel much excitement or anxiety, therefore it will not strive to occupy itself with something. He also advises taking time out for a short walk during your lunch break.

Smart toys

“Play is an integral part of the life of any dog. Toys will be great helpers for the owner who works from home. They will help to cope with the pet’s boredom, as well as with its destructive behavior,” advises Golubev.
According to him, the choice should be stopped on intellectual toys that will be useful, captivating the pet with independent play. “Such toys stimulate the dog’s mental activity and develop its abilities. In addition, such a game will form the necessary instincts when the dog is looking for” prey “, – said Golubev.
From toys the dog handler advises the puzzle “Kong”, which is stuffed with the pet’s favorite treat. “It allows you to provide your pet with a mental load, as well as satisfy the need for chewing and getting food. Getting food from conga will keep your pet busy for a while,” Golubev said.
According to him, the dog’s favorite foods are suitable for filling the conga: it can be dry food, chopped offal, or favorite treats. “Change your conga filler regularly to keep the treat fresh. Be sure to keep track of the amount of conga food you give your dog to take into account when feeding. When playing, make sure your pet does not chew or gnaw on the ingredients. be dangerous to health, “- said the expert.

Hide the goodies

Another game, said Golubev, that will captivate the pet is the search for treats. To do this, you need to spread out the dog’s favorite treats throughout the apartment and let her find them. “Start laying out treats in full view of the animal, the dog should watch the process for the first few times. After the dog has found them, start hiding the treats out of the dog’s line of sight: choose another room for this, places under the furniture, thus spreading the treats all over apartment “, – says the dog handler.
He replied that usually dogs quickly understand the essence of the game and easily cope with tasks. “To complicate things, hide treats on furniture, on different levels or under rugs. So you can keep your pet busy with this game for a while,” says the specialist.
He also advises to come up with new games, alternate toys. This will not let the dog get bored, it will allow the owner to calmly do his job remotely.

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