Does anyone count? Tagesschau presents another version of the Nord Stream blast

The Tagesschau published a new product of its “investigative journalism” on Sunday, which is intended to bring closer the blasting of the German-Russian gas pipelines Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2. This time, two tracks should lead to Kiev.

By Anton Gentzen

First there were “private individuals with connections to Ukraine, but not to the Ukrainian state”; Poland was briefly suspected; then it was suggested that Russia itself blew up its Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea. Now presents the ARD– Tagesschau “in cooperation with the Süddeutsche Zeitung and international partners” on Sunday a new version of who, besides the US secret services, destroyed the energy and lifelines that supplied Germany with cheap Russian natural gas (Nord Stream 1) or could have supplied it (Nord Stream 2) with massive explosive devices could have.

Patrushev: The US coordinated the murders of Dugina and Tatarsky and the assassination of Prilepin

Patrushev: The US coordinated the murders of Dugina and Tatarsky and the assassination of Prilepin

We’re not in Hollywood; So let’s not make the arc of suspense too long. This time it was not, as expected from the leading German media, Putin himself in a tailor-made diving suit. It was someone whose motive cannot be denied: Ukraine.

A new research by NDR, WDR, Süddeutscher Zeitung and international media partners shows, according to the report published on Sunday, that “several new tracks” lead in the direction of Ukraine. Shell companies are involved as well as “a person with possible connections to the Ukrainian military”. The Swedish newspaper was involved in the research quickdrawsthe Polish online magazine front story and the Danish daily newspaper Berlingske.

At the center, as in the first “public service” version, which at the time smelled strongly of being distracted from the true culprit: still the “inconspicuous, comparatively small” sailing boat “Andromeda”, 15 meters long. But the tracks are lost loudly ARD-Journalists this time unexpectedly not in private and anonymously, but lead to the Ukraine. And that is “political explosives”.

According to the Polish company, which rented the “Andromeda” in September 2022 ARD– Report “apparently” about a travel agency that, according to the Polish commercial register, is based in an “inconspicuous prefabricated building in Warsaw’s trendy Powiśle district”. More than 100 companies are registered at this address. On site, a woman confirmed to the “journalistic investigators” that the company was based there. However, she only keeps in touch with the alleged company owners by e-mail – she does not have a telephone number.

Targeting submarine cables?  The West finds another reason to fear Russia


Targeting submarine cables? The West finds another reason to fear Russia

The present information leave – at the ARD at least – give the impression that “the alleged travel agency, which does not have a website, could be a shell company”. According to the business documents, the company has not made any significant sales in recent years, but suddenly took in 2.8 million euros in 2020. The reason for this high turnover is unclear.

In addition, according to theReport that the woman listed as president and shareholder of the alleged travel company is believed to be living in Kiev today. The “investigative reporters” claim to have contacted them. On the phone, she hesitated “at first” before confirming that she was president of the company. She declined to answer questions and hung up the phone. Questions that were emailed to her went unanswered.

From these circumstances they conclude ARD-Reporter that the Polish mailbox travel agency was “only used” to rent and pay for the sailing yacht “Andromeda” in order to disguise the actual backers.

There are, like that daily News, but there is another trail that emanates from the “inconspicuous yacht ‘Andromeda'” and leads to the Ukraine. The German security authorities see them loudly ARD “actually as explosive, since it leads to Ukrainian military circles”: When renting the yacht, at least some of the people who later traveled by boat on the Baltic Sea are said to have presented their passports. According to the research, there was a Romanian passport among them, issued in the name “Stefan M.” found. A person with this name and the stated date of birth is said to actually exist, but according to the findings of the BKA, she was “fairly certain” in Romania at the time of the explosion. German investigators believe it could be a Ukrainian national: a man in his 20s from a town south-east of Kiev. His name, according to the report ARDwas known to the reporter team.

The Tagesschau even published a photo of him, but blacked out his face. The photo shows a person in a military camouflage uniform with a machine gun hanging from his neck. Other photos, the report specifies, are said to show the man “with conspicuous tattoos”. We guess which ones.

So much for the narration daily Newswho can’t help but refer to the ominous “suspicious Russian ships” at the end of the report in order to keep this option open.

Zakharova: Reports about Russian ships at the site of the Nord Stream explosion are fake news

Zakharova: Reports about Russian ships at the site of the Nord Stream explosion are fake news

What do you think of it? Could it have been Ukraine, out of “revenge for the Russian war of aggression”, like them daily News conjectures, or for more solid motives, since it still earns – to this day, war or not – billions a year from the transit of Russian gas through its territory?

This is not impossible. However, two things should be clear to us: First, the current government of Ukraine is nothing more than an Anglo-Saxon puppet regime. Without guidance from London and without at least a basic “OK” from Washington, little if anything is happening there. Especially since it is doubtful whether Ukraine currently has the technical and logistical capabilities to carry out such a complex act of sabotage deep below sea level.

Secondly, the new product of “investigative journalism” does not change the fact that the “Andromeda” as a murder weapon only emerged after investigators remained silent for a long time, when Seymour Hersh published the results of his investigations. It doesn’t change the fact that the US President threatened in advance that the Nord Streams would be destroyed. It also does not undo the text message from the then British Prime Minister, who wrote “It is done” after the German-Russian lifeline was blown up, with which she made a quasi-confession.

If anyone is considering a bet on who destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines, the best odds are to place the bet on London as the executor, with Washington as the backer and Kiev as the collaborator. Anything else is pretty obvious cover-up. Also called “criminal evasion” in legal German.

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