Doctors Molchanova and Zhemchugov told how to survive high atmospheric pressure


In Moscow, the daily maximum atmospheric pressure was recorded today – 755.9 millimeters of mercury. How reported on the Meteonovosti website, there has not been such an indicator for August 11 since 1997. Russian doctors, cardiologist Olga Molchanova and immunologist Vladislav Zhemchugov, spoke about how to soften the jump in atmospheric pressure for the body. According to experts, people who suffer from hypertension should be especially attentive to themselves.

“If you feel bad at work, you should take time off to go home. Houses and walls help. Mint infusion will also help to calm down, and it would be nice to lie down, settling so that your legs are slightly above body level, for example, placing a pillow under them,” leads website Molchanova’s words.

In the event of an increase in pressure, the cardiologist also does not recommend running to take pills. According to the doctor, you should first rest, and then take a second measurement. If the pressure does not decrease for a long time, then you need to call a doctor.

The immunologist Zhemchugov, in turn, recalled that a person experiences pressure drops every day. For example, when he rises from the first to the twentieth floor. As a rule, the body is able to adequately adapt to such changes in a short time. However, if this does not happen, then it is better to consult a doctor. Pressure drops should also be remembered by those who plan to spend their holidays in the mountains, the expert concluded.

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