Doctor Yesakova warned about the danger of apples for one category of people


    Apples are among the fruits that are beneficial to human health, but in some cases, their use can adversely affect the state of the body. This opinion was expressed by the doctor-gastroenterologist Ekaterina Yesakova.

    A medical specialist claims that apples can be harmful to patients suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This is due to the fact that apples contain a large amount of fructose, which can cause bloating. For patients with stomach ulcers, the doctor advises to completely abandon the use of sour varieties of apples, giving preference to apple soufflé or baked apples.

    “The increased content of fructose in apples can cause bloating, which is contraindicated for people with gastrointestinal disorders and irritable bowel syndrome,” Yesakova said in an interview with the publication. “Gazeta.Ru”.

    Nutritionist Alexander Miroshnikov previously stated that drinking beetroot juice is good for health. According to him, this drink helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the body.


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