Doctor Yartseva suggested that Kostomarov had very little chance of surviving

The chances of surviving the figure skater Roman Kostomarov are very small, the athlete was faced with a severe form of pneumonia, which developed rapidly. This was stated general practitioner and immunologist Irina Yartseva.

“The case of Kostomarov is unique in that the immune system of a healthy young athlete failed. For this, serious reasons are needed: HIV, oncology, chemotherapy. In such cases, we understand what is happening. I can not”, – she said.

According to her, doctors do the incredible, helping the skater to get out, but “in such cases, there is very little chance of survival” due to the aggressive course of the disease. Yartseva noticed that a banal infection turned into such terrible consequences, as if the body gave an order not to fight.

“Further, all the links of the same chain – death, gangrene. The body does not want to live, or something. There is no habitual reaction on how to survive. Everything was triggered by the failure of the immune system. And infections – they are banal, around us, ” the doctor remarked.


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