Doctor Tyazhelnikov warned about the dangers of instilling garlic juice into the nose

The use of onion and garlic juice as nasal drops is dangerous for the mucosa. Andrey Tyazhelnikov, chief freelance specialist in primary health care of the Moscow Department of Health, spoke about this.

According to him, if the juice of onion and garlic gets into the nose, it can damage the mucous membrane. Instead, Tyazhelnikov recommended using saline solutions or drugs from pharmacies. They help prevent the spread of pathogenic microbes. The doctor noted that the nose and throat are the entry gate for infection, reports RIA News.

“But no matter how we take precautions during the spread of viral infections, the only guaranteed way to protect against the flu and its complications is vaccination. The flu shot is updated every year … Therefore, you need to be vaccinated annually, ”added Tyazhelnikov.

Earlier, the therapist Mikhail Kobryanov listed the habits that are the key to longevity. One of them he called regular exercise.


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